Explore Unique Character AND LOCATION

Pittsburgh has so many wonderful homes within the city with lots of life still left in them. These homes are nestled in neighborhoods with urban vibes that money just can't buy. And, although they may need a little (or sometimes a lot) of TLC, they're not just a steal; they're a canvas for your dreams.

Affordability is key. You're not just buying a home; you're investing in your personal masterpiece. Take the solid construction and craftsmanship of the past, add a dash of your style, and boom – you've got a home that's uniquely yours. Spacious yards for days, design elements that stand out, and yeah, we're talking potential municipal incentives to help underwrite some of the renovation costs.

These historic residences are not just a place to live; as many of these are in up-and-coming neighborhoods, they’re an investment in your future. So, what are you waiting for? Own a piece of history, write your story, and let's turn that dream home fantasy into reality!


- Character and Charm
- Established Neighborhoods
- Convenient to Downtown
- Cost Savings
- Solid Construction
- Larger Lot Sizes
- Unique Design Elements
- Potential for Historic Tax Credits
- Sense of History

It's important to note that while renovating an older home can be rewarding, it also requires careful planning, budgeting, and consideration of potential challenges associated with older structures.


New Contruction homes

offering modern innovations

Choosing a new construction home comes with numerous benefits. Modern amenities and energy-efficient features seamlessly blend technology and sustainability. Minimal wear and tear result in lower maintenance costs, offering a hassle-free living experience. Buyers can customize layouts, fixtures, and finishes to create their dream space. Additionally, advanced safety standards and compliance with building codes ensure a secure investment with the latest construction techniques.

While the initial purchase price of a new construction home may seem higher, it's a strategic investment that pays dividends over the years. In essence, choosing a new construction home promises not just a residence but a future-forward, personalized sanctuary. 

New Home PERKS

- Energy Efficiency
- Customization
- Low Maintenance
- Advanced Safety Standards
- Warranty Protection.
- Contemporary Design
- Technology Integration
- Higher Resale Value



offer Low-Maintenance Living 

In the vibrant cityscape of Pittsburgh, step into a world of sophistication and convenience with a condominium.  Experience the luxury of low maintenance, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. These modern residences offer prime urban locations, fostering a vibrant community spirit and social connections.

Whether preowned or new construction, a condominium isn't just a home; it's an invitation to a lifestyle that seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with the ease of urban living. Elevate your living experience – your condominium awaits.

Condo life

- Low Maintenance
- Community Living
- Prime Urban Locations
- Modern Designs
- Smart Home Features
- Social Connections
- Preowned or New Construction - Options
- Effortless Living



A blended lifestyle fusion

Discover the perfect fusion of urban sophistication and suburban tranquility in the world of townhome living. Whether nestled in the heart of a bustling city or within the peaceful embrace of suburban landscapes, townhomes redefine modern living. Enjoy the luxury of spacious and customizable interiors, providing a canvas for your unique style.

With a townhome, you embrace the best of both worlds – the convenience of prime urban locations and the serene comfort of suburban settings. Seamlessly blending contemporary design with community-centric living, these homes offer a low-maintenance haven where every corner tells a story of modern elegance. Elevate your living experience with a townhome – where urban and suburban aspirations converge.

Townhome advantages

- Spacious Interiors
- Customizable Living Spaces
- Urban or Suburban Location Options
- Low Maintenance
- Community Living
- Modern Designs
- Proximity to Amenities
- Privacy with Shared Walls
- Efficient Use of Space
- Potential for Outdoor Areas